10 Women’s Best Eyebrow Razor, According to Beauty Experts and Reviewers

Female face shaving is now a trend, and it works wonders. In case you didn’t know, shaving your face is totally normal for all genders. Let’s be clear: You definitely don’t have to shave your face — “It’s a personal choice,” says Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab director, Birnur Aral, Ph.D. Some women prefer facial shaving simply to prevent visible upper lip hair from growing, to get rid of peach fuzz, or to exfoliate and smooth out skin for optimal makeup and skincare application.

The Good Housekeeping Institute works with consumers, dermatologists, beauty editors, and industry experts to find the top-performing beauty finds on the market. Though our Lab experts haven’t done formal testing on facial razors, our pros have tested hair removal devices and methods of all kinds, from best razors to top-rated epilators and at-home wax kits. While true dermaplaning is best left to the pros, you can still tackle an iteration of the task at home.

To find the most effective tools for facial hair removal,“definitely look for a razor with multiple blades because that will allow you to cut more hairs with less strokes and less irritation,” says Dr. Pierre. He says body razors are fair game too, and Aral agrees, saying, “I do use a fresh body razor or one from my husband’s stash whenever I need to shave my facial hair. But I think if you are dealing with peach fuzz, the simplest blades are sufficient” for at-home dermaplaning.

How to shave your face at home

According to dermatologist Peterson Pierre, M.D., all skin types are fine candidates for facial shaving. Just note that if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, you want to be extra careful to avoid any irritation. That said, make sure to only shave your skin with product, as “shaving dry can likely cause more irritation, nicks, and cuts,” Dr. Pierre says. He recommends using a shave gel because it creates a layer between the blade and skin, allowing your razor to glide more easily. “Follow up with a moisturizing and soothing after-shave to make the experience as comfortable as possible,” Dr. Pierre adds. You can shave as often as you need as long as you’re not finding irritation on the skin.

And no, shaving your face will not make hair grow back thicker or darker! According to Dr. Pierre, “the razor cuts the hair about mid-shaft, at its thickest portion,” he explains. “So when the hair grows in, it might appear to be thicker, but the hair diameter itself actually doesn’t change and neither does the color.”

See below for the best razors for women’s facial hair, including razors from top-performing brands, editor favorites, and top-rated options from trusted online reviews.

Piece Prepare Facial Razor

These razors from Japan are a top-searched item on Google and are pretty popular on Amazon too. The brand claims that the razors prevents irritation and scratches, and online reviewers agree that they don’t nick the skin. One reviewer says, “These razors are super sharp and easily removed all peach fuzz, making my face and foundation appear more smooth.” She adds that they do a great job of removing dead skin and even believes they made her acne scarring less noticeable after a few months of use.


Eyebrow Razor Pack

One of our editors loves using this under $5 razor set for her upper lip and touching up around eyebrows. “I like that they’re cheap and come in a pack of six, but I still get a lot of use out of one razor,” she says. You receive two packs of three razors, and each comes with its own protective blade cover. One online reviewer, a makeup artist, says that even though she has quite sensitive skin, she’s noticed no irritation with the razors. She adds that it’s a great tool to help her achieve flawless makeup application since it removes dead skin and peach fuzz.


Painless Hair Remover

This $20 electric hair remover has a cult-following of over 18,000 reviews and a 4.1 star rating on Amazon. It’s also listed at the top of the list for the site’s personal and body hair groomers. To use, simply switch on the device to activate the spinning head and light, then gently press it against your skin. Reviewers like the Painless Hair Remover because it saves time and makes your skin less prone to nicking. One reviewer writes, “Normally I use a straight razor to shave my face but it would leave razor burn and took forever to do. With the Finishing Touch, my face feels so soft and it takes about two minutes.”


About Face Eyebrow Shaper

These face eyebrow shapers feature a shorter razor head compared to similar brands, which provide more control with each stroke. Many fans of the discontinued Noxzema razors turn to this alternative, because they find that the Kai razors perform almost exactly alike. And overall, the razors are very lightweight and great for travel. “This [razor] is tiny and fits well in my makeup bag,” one reviewer says. “Totally recommend it to make your face silky smooth for easy makeup and sunscreen application!”


Silk Touch-Up Facial Razor

These Schick razors are a cult favorite, boasting over 12,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.4 star rating. Reviewers say shaving time takes just a few minutes and that the razors provide a close shave. They  also come with protective blade covers with a tiny opening so you can shape your eyebrows without scraping the rest of your skin. Additionally, the tool can also be used for dermaplaning, and while reviewers agree that it does an excellent job at that, several recommend to follow up with toner and moisturizer for softer results.


Quattro Disposable Razor

Our Lab experts found that this disposable razor performed better than most refillable razors during testing. Consumer testers liked the pivoting head and the fact that the handle was easy to hold, allowing for total control around hard-to-reach areas. Testers reported seeing long-lasting smoothness after using the Quattro, along with “no irritation, whatsoever.”


Lumina Lighted Hair Remover

Finishing Touch is a top-searched and best-seller brand for facial razors, and has rave reviews on multiple retailer sites. Our product and reviews editor, Jessica Teich, is also a huge a fan of this electric razor because it comes with a light to give you a better view of the targeted area. Teich says while she normally breaks out in hives when she shaves too close to the skin, she hasn’t had that problem with this razor. “It might not provide a super-close cut, and you’re left with stubbly fuzz,” she says, “but there’s a lower risk of cutting yourself.” The razor also features a pivoting head to help you reach hard-to-reach areas.


Classic Razor

The Billie razor service is an editor fave. Your first kit comes with the razor handle, two refill cartridges, and a magnetic holder for storage. The refillable razor features a strong handle that’s easy to hold and a small blade head that bends along small crevices, like around the nose or at the upper lip. And you’ll never have to worry about running out of blades for this one — the brand will send you new blades in monthly increments as you please.


Dermaflash Luxe

This option is pricy, but reviewers find that it does a great job of gently removing peach fuzz and dead skin layers. The brand claims that the device is clinically proven to reveal younger and more radiant skin. Note that the instructions require that you switch out the blades with each use in order to have the sharpest blade each time, which some reviewers find inconvenient. But while reviewers don’t agree with the pricing, one says was able to decrease her visits to the esthetician significantly, so it was worth the investment.


Level Setter Razors

Sephora knows all about the face shaving trends and designed these razors not only to remove facial hair, but also for “better absorption of skin care products, and a more flawless makeup application.” Reviewers agree, saying the blades are very sharp and effective at smoothing out the skin. Keep in mind that while the brand claims these razors can be used to shave hair anywhere, reviewers say they find the blades a little too long to use around the eyebrows.


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